Sunday Sermons will be available on Facebook until further notice. The

English Service will be available at 10:30 am and the Tongan Service at 2:00 pm Sundays.

Hard copies of sermons are available upon request:

Preaching Schedule:

Date                 Scripture                      Sermon Title                     Liturgists

May 3              Luke 13:10-17                    “Healing First”                        JB Friday

May 10            Luke 24:36-48                  “It’s Me”                                    Helen Hemmes

May 17            John 6:35-51                      “Living Bread”                         Don Hemmes

May 24            Genesis 21:8-21                 “Sarah & Hagar”                      Ernie Kho

May 31            Genesis 28:10-19a             “Jacob’s Ladder”                     Tupou Koenig



Revised Common Lectionary 2020 – Year A