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September 11 & 12 – Bible Study Begins

September 9/11 & 9/12 – Six weeks Bible Study Begins.
Starting Mondays, September 11 with Ernie Kho at 7:00 pm (on Zoom). Starting Tuesdays, September 12 with Pastor Ana at 10:30 – 11:30 am (In-Person)

“Questions Jesus Asked” is a study that will inspire us to reflect on what Jesus wants to know about us. It is a six-week study where Magrey deVega, author of “Questions Jesus Asked,” explores six of the most provocative questions Jesus posed to others in the Bible and
guides us in answering them for ourselves. Each Wednesday, the reading material for the upcoming session will be emailed to interested participants. Then, hard copies will be made available on Sunday mornings. We will then gather on Tuesday mornings, beginning September 12th at 1030am, to pray and share our answers/reflections. Come with an open heart and mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to listen and share your faith with others. Also, bring your Bible, a journal/notebook, and a writing instrument. Everyone is invited!

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